The Process

The Process

  1. Initial Consultation - Onli is not right for everyone find out if it is right for you.
  2. Ideation - Financial Assets require Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  3. Build - Onli Build become an Issuer to issue Assets. Once approved you build your own brand of Onli, no attribution is required.
  4. Minting - Onli Assets are minted in Billion unit runs and stored in a Treasury.
  5. Appliance Development - You design and develop your Appliance
  6. Open Onli.Cloud Account - Dedicated Infrastructure and an Api-Key to Issue, ChangeOwner and AskToMove Assets
  7. Inventory - Delivery and integration of Treasury with Onli.Cloud
  8. Oracle Initialized - Oracle is a user accessible record of ownership for Owners of a particular Issue. Appliance Owners can run a clone or outsource it
  9. Onli_You - Users download free Onli_You app, join an Appliance, receive an Onli_ID and a Vault to store Assets.
  10. Launch Your Appliance - Delivers the value proposition to your users.
  11. Trade -Assets are ultimately moved peer to peer by Owners.