API Reference

API Requirements

Developer Credentials

Developers receive all credentials through the Onli Cloud Desktop App.

  1. Receive Email invitation through your Appliance Owner
  2. Download Onli Cloud Desktop App
  3. Access developer tools, credentials and certificates

app_key, app_symbol will both be available after appliance registration by the appliance owner. Otherwise our sandbox is available to explore!

Your Onli Cloud URL is the app_symbol in the subdomain of {$APP_SYMBOL}onli.cloud. E.g. engma.onli.cloud

What do I need to know?

gRPC (opens in a new tab) Remote Procedure Calls - are the interface of the Onli One Network and your Onli Cloud instance.

RPCs are flexible, fast and reliable. And its protobuf framework is extensible enough that any Appliance technology can integrate with it. Become familiar with RPCs, because it is how you communicate with the Onli Cloud and Onli One Network.

This API framework also lets us develop with natural human language to grasp and interact with Owners and Assets. What this means is that every call is named what it does and can be used without the need to delve into documentation.

Get started here (opens in a new tab) to lean more.

Anything else?

Our API Reference uses ENGMA as the appliance we're developing for. So, anytime you see Enigma, know that it is just a placeholder for your appliance.