Our Mission

Our Mission

What we are doing

An Onli is a hyperdimensional vector storage container coupled with an unforgeable credential. Computing operations like send or copy, uses a uniqueness quantification algorithm to evolve the container rather than duplicate it. Non-deterministic evolutionary mechanisms as a transfer protocol make the system nearly impervious to prediction, cloning, spoofing, hacking, and other threats, while improving speed and efficiency. This capability makes it possible for an object to maintain a real time, single global state, across a network of connected devices. Put simply, you can now make something on a computer of which, there can only be one. Once you solve the problem of uniqueness quantification in a computing environment you make a lot of the existing problems obsolete. We believe that this organization of intelligent semantic media (organ-ism) in a semantic environment can be the foundation of the a quantum leap forward in computing.

The Paradigm Shift

Onli technology represents a transformative shift in how we handle data. As a natural progression in data evolution, it focuses on digitizing assets—valuable items that need to be controlled and protected. Traditional hierarchical file systems on the internet require data replication to ensure reliability, resulting in data being public and open by default.

This open data economy, where free software is exchanged for micro-work that aggregates and monetizes open data, has thrived due to the inherent public nature of data storage. However, Onli technology introduces a new category of private-by-default data, enabling the emergence of business models centered around a private data economy.

Onli technology serves as the foundation for a new type of application called Appliances, which facilitate the movement of assets and connect to private data. Unlike traditional web applications that focus on micro-work consumption, Appliances empower users by granting them full control over their assets.

We see enormous potential in creating a private data economy within the internet landscape. Our mission is to develop tools that help you harness this potential and unlock new opportunities for secure data management.